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April 30, 2008 at 8:35 pm

IBM Launches Green SigmaTM Coaltion

The Green Sigma TM Coaltion: Background and positioning:
The Green SigmaTM Coalition is a collaborative partnering construct designed to enable cross-enterprise teaming on Smarter Planet initiatives.  

The Green Sigma™ Coalition: Collaborating to create a smarter, more sustainable planet

Provides smart solutions for energy, water, waste and greenhouse gas management.
Brings together the knowledge, experience and expertise of acknowledged leaders in metering, monitoring, automation, data communications and software.
Integrates the products and services of coalition partners with the IBM Green Sigma™ solution.
Sustainability: The new imperative 
Across industries and around the globe, more and more enterprises must confront the critical issue of environmental sustainability – crafting strategies and processes that can help conserve energy and water, reduce waste and lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. By operating more responsibly and more efficiently, companies and institutions can become active participants in creating a greener, smarter planet, while reaping new rewards at every point in their operations – from the data center, to manufacturing and distribution, from office hubs and research sites, to employee, partner and customer interfaces.
But make no mistake. Organizations looking to apply a smarter, more sustainable approach to their operations are often constrained by limited resources and a lack of realtime, readily accessible information. Few can go it alone.
To help overcome these challenges, IBM has teamed with other industry leaders to form the Green Sigma™ Coalition – an association that brings together our collective skills, technologies and considerable intellectual capital to help organizations better monitor and manage their operations and enable continuous improvements – from both environmental and fiscal standpoints.
At the core of the coalition’s work is IBM Green SigmaTM – an approach and a methodology that incorporates IBM’s known expertise in Lean Six Sigma principles and practices, environmental management, systems integration and consulting.  
Led by IBM, members of the current coalition include ABB, Cisco, Eaton, ESS, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, SAP, Schneider and Siemens – all experts in managing complex business processes, and all committed to the complementary goals of environmental sustainability and operational excellence.
Our strategic intent is to accelerate the move to enterprise sustainability through the implementation of Green SigmaTM Showcases which drive breakthrough results and value for our clients.  
We are committed to the following founding principles:
Coalition members engage with IBM and other Green SigmaTM Coalition (GSTMC) members as needed to maximize client value on specific client project opportunities;
GSTMC members, when engaging in GSTMC projects, intend to leverage existing infrastructure and technology where possible and desired by the client to accelerate time to savings;
For project opportunities, GSTMC members provide cross-organizational teams with appropriate skills, technologies & capabilities to propose practical client results and savings;
Dedicated to Client Success
Trust and Responsibility in All Relationships
Committed to the “hard work” associated with complex projects and complex relationships
“Enough for All” , Inclusive vs. Exclusive coalition
Committed to healthy competition which drives continuous innovation into the marketplace.
IBM has selected the Coalition partners based not only on their pedigree and best in class solutions and services, but also upon their proven Green and Sustainability culture, drive and aspiration which is evident in the references of these organisations around the globe.
We launched the Green SigmaTM Coalition on June 23rd in San Francisco with eight (8) of the ten (10) Coalition members present.  We met with press and industry analysts on June 23rd as one team for the first time.  The Green SigmaTM Coalition hit a very positive chord with industry analysts, and subsequently with our clients.

April 20, 2008 at 9:33 pm

10% of all proceeds are donated to the Academy for Global Citizenship.

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