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This Green Mom is Gonna VOTE Her Conscience!

Until can I realized that my young rascals’ health and well being was threatened by our planetary crisis, I was never an engaged voter. I was a detached middle of the road voter. I voted, but I didn’t do much homework other than grabbing a newspaper at the last minute to check the endorsements.

Now, I realize that if I want to ensure my kids a future in which they thrive– and don’t you too?– I need to use my voice and my vote to make sure that policies are put in place that protect the natural world that not only provides us beauty but literally allows us to eat and drink and survive. The natural world has limits– and we’ve engaged in practices and policies that have exceeded those limits.

Even though I think it’s important– and oh so cool– to use my travel mug and my reusable shopping bags– I know that my vote is really the way to ensure my kids a bright future.

What’s at stake for our kids?

Today I had a conversation with Marjorie, the mother of my son’s class mate Luke. She was saying she and her husband are looking at a future in which most of the world will be without water– and what that means for the civilization our kids will live in. It’s not cool at all. And buying local or putting our babies in organic cotton onesies won’t cut it. Helpful, but not sufficient.

Think about what’s at stake for your kids when the water supply of entire continents is lost to the permanent melting of the glaciers that provide them their water. How will people treat each other when their survival is threatened? What kinds of wars will be waged– with our children as combatants? I don’t know about you– but I don’t want my two young dudes to be drafted into wars over water.

Voting– and holding our elected officials to account– is where it’s at. The polices we do– or don’t– put in place will make or break the effort to respect the natural world. It’s about how efficient our cars are, whether we have mass transit, how we get our electricity– those kinds of local and national issues.

And it’s really empowering to become an engaged voter. I can attest to that.

Not sure who to vote for?

No worries! Some thorough folks have done the homework for you!

Want to see the track record of incumbents?

Here you go!

It’s not about partisan politics– it’s about our kids

When I vote my conscience for the planet, I’m looking at who is going to best protect the natural world for my children and grandchildren– for all children. That’s the beginning, the middle, and the end.

Won’t you join me in voting for your kids’ future?

Because we have exactly enough time– starting now.

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October 23, 2010 at 9:20 pm

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