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A Squirmy Family Meditates Together– or Tries

Well, tonight the dudes were less squirmy as I read them Peaceful Piggy Meditation (2004) followed by five LONG minutes of meditation. Ok, sort-of-meditation.

This was my third night of attempting to help my two wound-up young rascals wind down at bedtime not just by reading Peaceful Piggy, which they’ve enjoyed for months, but by actually doing something that might approximate some hybrid Americanized version of  meditation.

So why, you might ask,  am I as an eco (and clinical!) psychologist and ambassador for green writing about family meditation of all things?

For more than one reason, actually. First, stress is something we all have to contend with. Because life is complicated. We have lots to juggle. We are so wired into technology. The pace of modern life can be relentless. And meditation is one of those tried and true techniques that helps. It just helps.

Meditation holds the potential for many rewards– decompressing, rejuvenating our bodies, and when done with others, connecting with each other.

Lately life has been reminding me of the need to take deliberate measures to take care of myself, which brings me to the second reason. I became an “unlikely environmentalist” while in the midst of a divorce with my two little guys in diapers. My wake up call as an environmentalist led me to write a book, to found Spheres of  Influence, and reinvent myself. I’ve been burning the candle both ends, continuing my psychology practice while raising two stressed out boys and launching into a cause that has changed my life– and me.  My body has been saying it’s time to slow down after five years of “push.” I need to take care of myself so that I can continue tending to my clients, and so that I can continue my work as an eco ambassador.  And I’ve got a socially anxious 7 year-old and a sometimes aggressive-sometimes sweet 6 year-old who remind me that they need to slow down. And they need my help.

Divorce is  not just an event. Divorce– and its aftermath– is a protracted, complex ongoing process of renegotiation of roles, identities, family dynamics, expectations, hopes and longings– for all involved. Even a good divorce is stressful.

The stress of divorce may or may not apply to you. But if you’re not dealing with the stress of family upheaval, I bet you’re contending with stress of some sort.

KerryMcLean wrote Peaceful Piggy after she and her family started to meditate together when they were facing a family medical crisis.

I have a client who is not going through a divorce but has a troubled young adult son living at home. My client is also in the financial industry, which is generally a pretty tough industry these days. He and his son meditate together every day for 15 minutes. I’ve not met his son, but I know it’s helping my client maintain perspective on the professional and familial challenges he’s facing.

I recently recommended Peaceful Piggy to a client who is going through a divorce with her two young kids. They all love it. I highly recommend the book– and family meditation. 

Be patient with yourselves–because change is a process– but give it try!

If you want to learn more about my story of transformation as an unlikely environmentalist and a divorced mom, go to my Fierce Love book page   where you can download the first two chapters. And I would really appreciate your posting a comment on the site which will help show publishers I have an engaged audience! And I love feedback! Thank you in advance…

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