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This is Why I’m Working to Protect the Planet…

Contributed by Dr. Sarah Warren

“One question I often thought about while writing this book was where you should live in the future in order to stay safe… look for a place that has a secure water supply, a stable government, and a vibrant community—a place where people know how to work with their hands, where they look out for one another…That’s going to be your surest protection if things get difficult in the years ahead.”

When I saw this quote from Mark Hertsgaard’s letter to his 5 year old daughter, Chiara, in his recent book Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth, a rush parental love washed over me and up and through me, the love that initially propelled me to use my psychological expertise to protect the planet for the sake of my two young boys, for the sake of all children.

The quote was included in an email from Eban Goodstein who directs the Bard College Center for Environmental Policy and has recently launched the youth leadership program C2C ( When I read the quote I got choked up, which I’m not prone to doing.

Because a hot world is not going to be like a vacation in Cancun. It’s going to be full of challenges. Really tough challenges that frankly I find hard to contemplate as a parent.

And those challenges are directly attributable to our addiction to oil, to our tailpipes and smokestacks, to the policies that we allow our elected officials to enact that perpetuate our downward spiral into the unintended consequences of our addiction.

And I was reminded why I was called to action– personal, parental, and professional– to inspire others to use their spheres of influence so that our kids can have the best future possible.

Thank you Mark Hertsgaard, for reminding me. For reminding all of us who are parents, who are aunts and uncles and grandparents, who will be parents in the future…

Because this is about our kids’ future… Because we have exactly enough time, starting now.

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