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What Does Embodied Sustainability Leadership Look Like? Check out UMichigan!

Contributed by Dr. Sarah Warren

I recently had the great pleasure of hosting a Spheres of Influence Virtual Roundtable featuring the sustainability leadership of my alma mater, University of Michigan. So I wanted to share that inspiring conversation here. (MP3 below.)

The roundtable featured special guest Professor Don Scavia, who holds many titles, including my all time favorite job title ever: “Special Counsel to the President for Sustainability.” I want that job!

That job title suggests to me that University of Michigan wants to go beyond embedded sustainability to what I call “embodied sustainability” in which every decision is informed by thoughtful consideration of its eco impact.

Don is a very articulate spokesperson for both the social and technological aspects of sustainability, and for the kind of leadership that he embodies which is that of convening disparate stakeholders to solve the urgent problem of making our practices more sustainable, and less harmful to natural world, for the sake of future generations– as in, our kids and grandkids.

Listen here to Don’s thoughtful description of how University of Michigan has been collaborating with staff, faculty and students to tackle this pressing problem:


Speaking as a psychologist, I say we all need to be bridge-builders like Don if we want to forge the relationships necessary to protect the planet for our kids and their kids!

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