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Why I Love the Farmers Market

Contributed by Dr. Sarah Warren

Last night while sitting on the porch with my friends David and Kelley, sipping vinho verde, we got to talking about the extraordinary tastiness of the organic garlic from Henry’s Farm ( at the farmers market. David went on to talk about what he calls “orange-tinged olive oil.” Mango salsa. Organic greens. I said, “OK. That’s it. I’m getting up early to go to the farmer’s market for the first time this year”

The conversation veered into global challenges such as economic sustainability and feeding the world’s burgeoning population in a manner that’s responsible to the natural world, the economy– and importantly– our health, and our kids’ health.

But back to the farmers market…

Not only did I find green garlic (which I’ve never had before) from Henry’s Farm– which won’t be available for long– but I ran into many friends, including fellow green mom and blogger Amanda Hanley (

I crossed paths into my friend Sheila who regaled me with ironic tales of being asked to leave her town’s environment committee because she is too environmentally conscious (?!)

And I ran into my friend Doug Doetsch, who steered me towards the last of this years’ peonies. Lovely. Fragrant. Peonies.

So I came home loaded down with olive oil and peonies and organic garlic scapes –which my family and I will enjoy in the days to come.

And I was reminded that farmers markets are not just about tasty, healthy local-ish food but about connecting us with our friends and community.


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