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A View from Our Green -ish Family Vacation 2012

So what made our family vacation this year green? Or “green-ish” I think is more accurate for most of us trying to go green.

Vacations afford great opportunities to explore new places, connect with family, and downshift from our hectic lives.

And vacations, like just about everything we do, have an eco impact.

As a mother who wants her kids to have the best possible future, I try to take actions to reduce our eco impact when we’re at home, and on vacation. (And vote my eco conscience, which I’ve blogged about before because that’s where we can have the greatest impact- here’s that post

Here’s what we did in an effort to go green again this year on our vacation:

1. Wind-powered cabins! This is worthy of an exclamation point. The Snooty Fox  cabins where we stayed in Harbert MI (in Harbor Country) feature a wind turbine. And no air conditioning except in the main house. Just ceiling fans. The fact that electricity use is low at the Snooty Fox matters because they can’t run on wind all the time. (The cabins are anything but snooty- very simple, and owned by a very un-snooty fellow named Laru.) Laru calls his cabins a chance to “go glamping” which I think means camping of a more glamorous sort than usual.

Snooty Fox Cabins on Green Vacation 2012

2. Buying local  We bought as much local food as we could, which wasn’t hard. In addition to local corn and eco-friendly meats, we bought organic eggs from a family that raises hens. That was really cool– the kids got to hold hens for the first time in their Chicago-born-and-raised lives.

Organic egg farm on our green vacation 2012

3. Avoiding fast food No fast food. Why does this matter? Fast food usually has a fair bit of wasteful packaging, but most importantly, making fast food hogs energy. (Don’t get me started on the fat and salt problem- another matter.) Mostly we ate “in” and cooked for ourselves which was a bonding opportunity.

4. Recycling This is the most basic thing we can do at home or on the road. We set aside all our recyclables and ran them over to the recycling center, which happened to be conveniently across the road.

Why do I say “green-ish?”

Because there’s no way to avoid some degree of impact on the environment. It’s like Yvon Chouinard, Founder of the eco-comitted outdoor retailer Patagonia says, “We’re all polluters.” We might as well be honest and humble in our efforts. And use that honesty to propel us to deepen our commitment, fueled by fierce love for our children, to leave the natural world in the best possible shape so that our kids can thrive.

Isn’t this sky over Lake Michigan lovely? And… Check out these blog posts about our previous green -ish vacations…

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Sky over Lake Michigan Green Vacation 2012

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