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Strategic Planning for Sustainabilty: A Yale Case Study

Contributed by Dr. Sarah

Yale University was one of the first universities to develop a strategic plan for their sustainability efforts. They remain one of only a few schools to have implemented a strategic plan. And now, we can benefit from their wisdom and experience as they undertake their second strategic plan.

Julie Newman, PhD, Director of Sustainability, makes a very compelling case for strategic planning as a dynamic process– rather than a static document– for establishing priorities in a vast and potentially overwhelming sea of pressing sustainability problems, and for the strategic planning process as an invaluable means of engaging disparate stakeholders. She also speaks to the value of setting incremental goals so that people can experience success.

Listen here and be inspired by the sharp, clear headed and articulate Julie Newman, Directory of Sustainability at Yale University!

What are your thoughts? Your comments are welcome!

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Intergrating Curriculum & Sustainability Operations: Middlebury Case Study

Contributed by Dr. Sarah

We recently had a great Spheres of Influence virtual roundtable on the question of how we can embed sustainability across an institution, particularly in higher education, but in other organizations as well.

Some pearls of wisdom shared by two of Middlebury College’s sustainability leaders, Nan Jenks-Jay and Jack Bryne:

1. Put sustainability commitments in the governing documents for your organization

2. Enlist input from stakeholders on sustainability targets

There’s much more to learn from these seasoned sustainability leaders!

Listen to the MP3 Audio here:


What are your “take aways?” Post a comment!



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