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“Did you really drive?!” Our Greenish Vacation 2013

Contributed by Dr. Sarah

Every year my family takes a vacation to an island in Maine where three generations unplug on a little island where there is no electricity and no land lines.

As in some past years, this year we drove. In this day and age– of impatience, among other things– we are often met with the question “Did you really drive from Chicago to Maine?”

Yes, we did. For various reasons, much of which I will share in photos taken on my beloved I-phone.

First, there’s the destination:


Isn’t it lovely? We connect not just with this peaceful spot but with each other. Cousins, siblings, aunt and uncles. Three generations converging and connecting.

Second, there’s the adventure. When you drive you experience things that you would just flat out miss if you flew.


Like this rainbow we drove towards and under, anchored on either side of the road. It was the biggest rainbow any of us had ever seen. And we got to drive under it! The photo doesn’t do it justice, but…

And there’s this cool yurt we stayed at owned by Bob, a survivor of the Survivor show! It’s off solar powered but comfy. Kind of what they call “glamping.” Bob of Survivor is using his spheres of influence as a “celebrity” to give back to the community, including vets who can stay free. He’s a great –and smart, funny– storyteller, too!

If we hadn’t had a car, we couldn’t have gotten from the Lake Sebago region to the woods of Durham, ME  where this yurt lives:


Check them out:

Then there was our pit stop on the return at the most amazing ice cream shop –called Churned — we’ve ever been to, in Cleveland.  Found using The Road Ahead app:



I think I tried six or eight flavors. And for the record, the Maple Bacon flavor is yummy. I had strawberry ice cream with fresh mint. To die for. And the dudes had the BEST chocolate ice cream ever. And oh by the way–  it was fair trade chocolate.

Fourth, when you’re traveling with kids, it’s really nice to be able to stop as often as you want– or need– to. The pilot isn’t going to stop the plane just because your kids want a break.

Here we took a break at a rest stop on Interstate 90.  And found a herd of cows grazing across the way. We don’t have cows in Chicago…photo-25

Fourth, it’s cheaper than flying since kids cost as much to fly as adults. Even though I rented an SUV to fit us and all our stuff, it was still cheaper than flying.

Oh, and finally, it’s greener than flying. I call it a green-ish vacation because everything we do has an environmental impact. There’s just no way around that. But some things have less impact. Hence, “green-ish.”

I TRIED once again this year to rent a hybrid, but still no luck. There’s room for improvement on that front! (We need to create demand folks!)

Instead we rented a regular gas guzzling SUV — less eco friendly than a sedan, but it was new so it’s more fuel efficient than older models. And it has an ECO setting that improves fuel efficiency.

So yes, we drove.

Do you think it was worth it? Post a comment about our trip… or your travels and adventures!

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