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My Love Affair with the Nissan Leaf: The SilverLeaf Chronicles: I

Contributed by Dr. Sarah

My love affair with the Nissan Leaf began a year ago.

A month ago, I became the delighted owner of a Leaf that I’ve named “The Silver Leaf.” Hence the “SilverLeaf Chronicles.” Of which this is the first installment.

But perhaps I should say my love affair with the all-electric zero emissions Nissan Leaf really begins with my love for my kids. I became what I call an “unlikely environmentalist” when I realized that global warming poses a threat to my children’s health and well-being. When I understood that our addiction to coal and oil and gas was contributing to dangerous weather events and bringing tropical diseases to North America, I started down the Fierce Love path to protecting the planet for my kids– for all the kids we love fiercely.


Which brings me back to the Nissan Leaf. And the expected and unexpected delights of joining the community of electric car owners.

A year ago, my 9-year-old son– aka The DudeSter– was playing with a boy whose mom rolled up in a Nissan Leaf. She happens to be a very health-conscious family doctor.  We talked about how the Leaf– not their minivan– serves as the primary car for their family with three kids.  Ok, this can work as a family car.

I knew my car needed to be replaced. And I knew I was going to replace it with the greenest car I could. And it needed to work as a family car because I have two growing (READ: fast growing!) boys.

Meanwhile, my beau’s brother got a Leaf that they use as a family car with their two kids. He’s a geeky Silicon Valley entrepreneur. He crunches the numbers. He persuaded me that not only can this work as a family car, but leasing can be be affordable– and a way to keep moving up with fast-paced advances in green car technology.

I test drove a Prius, and hated the way it handled. I knew my brother, who’s driven a Prius for a handful of years, didn’t think they were safe with pedestrians because of the blocked vision for drivers and the lack of engine sound to cue pedestrians that a car is present. Plus, hybrids run not just on batteries but on gasoline (READ: global warming pollution).

So… I went to the Autobarn in Evanston IL, test drove the Leaf with Martin the sales guy who loves the Leaf he owns– and signed a three year lease.

Now, I drive the SilverLeaf. A really well-designed affordable family car that doesn’t need gasoline. Ever.  I drive guilt free.

And what’s really cool– and unexpected– is I’ve joined a small but growing community of electric car drivers. We find each other and bond. It’s a great, fun social perk. Who knew?

Wanna join us in going green and getting happy? Follow me on Twitter @drsarahsviews as I chronicle our family’s journey through life in and out of the SilverLeaf!

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