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The Case of the Missing NissanLeaf in Our Green-ish Vacation: The SilverLeaf Chronicles 2

Contributed by Dr. Sarah

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Our destination this year on our annual green-ish family vacation. The Mohican River as seen from the deck of the lodge in Mohican State Park in Loudonville, Ohio.  This really is Ohio. Who knew?

It’s about 350 miles from Chicago.  How did we pull that off in an all-electric car?  Well, we didn’t.

Our Nissan Leaf is notable for its absence in the second installment of the SilverLeaf Chronicles.

People often ask: What about road trips? How far can you go before you need to charge?

The truth is that with the current state of battery and charging station technology, the NissanLeaf is a local car… I’ve made it about 70 miles on a single charge. So, we rented. For about the cost of a month’s worth of gas in my old car.

Usually we go on our annual green-ish vacation to a beautiful little island in Maine where there’s no electricity– lovely and unplugged. This year, we converged in the middle of the country.

Along the road trip, we encountered the most vast and graceful wind farm I’d ever seen, near the border of Indiana and Ohio. Right in the heartland. That’s eco progress.

A note from my mom who accompanied me and my kids: We relied on smart phone technology for directions. And got lost. A case for old-fashioned paper maps in the road trip mix!

We may not have driven in an eco-friendly car, but we were thrilled to learn that the Mohican Lodge and its parent company offer green lodging.

Perhaps my favorite green initiative at the lodge:

photo 2-1

Why is this my favorite?  First, you can’t miss it in the restaurant. The servers all wear buttons that say “Straw Free.” We need “green” to be visible in order to create momentum. Second– and more important– this is an initiative adopted by all of the Xanterra Resorts that was launched by a kid. Learn more about Milo and his program. He’s using his spheres of influence to protect the planet, and he catalyzed Xanterra Resorts to use their spheres of influence. One cool, inspiring kid.

I also love these solar powered trash compactors and recycling cans called SolarBelly. We have them in Chicago, among other cities. They’re also hitting college campuses.

photo 2-2

Have you ever seen a recycling bag in a closet where the laundry bag usually hangs? This saved us from the hassle of having to haul our recycling home as we usually do.

photo 3-2

The lodge is also using its spheres of influence to educate guests about the value of recycling:

photo 1-3

And finally, another view of the Mohican River. A reason to go green for the sake our children?

photo 2-3

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