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What? A Green Car Booth at the Farmers Market? SilverLeaf Chronicles 3

Contributed by Dr. Sarah

A neighbor goaded me into addressing the question: Does an electric car booth belong at the farmers market? He asserted definitively that it does not, because the car has nothing to do with food.

As I was driving to the farmers market–in the SilverLeaf– to volunteer at the Autobarn NissanLEAF booth, I thought through my response to the question, a question others might raise as well.

My answer is that an electric car booth at the farmers market does make sense– from the standpoint of an eco-system in which cars and farming coexist in an interdependent manner. Auto emissions impact the weather, which in turn impacts crops, the farmers’ livelihoods, and ultimately our ability to enjoy the food they grow and share with us at the farmers market.

At a booth that sells Michigan Red Haven peaches, I overheard one of the farmers say that they’d lost almost half their crop this year because of weird weather. Every year for the past few years, I’ve heard the same kinds of stories from the farmers– farmers struggling with late frosts, too little rain or flooded fields from which there is no way to recover during that growing season. It’s not just a hassle for them. They are struggling to make it.

And if they can’t grow their crops because of global weirdness, we can’t enjoy the fruits– literally– of their labors.

What I call “global weirdness” is what climate scientists call climate disruption. The normal weather patterns on which farmers rely have been thrown out of whack by our global warming pollution– a third of that pollution comes from our tail pipes.

So if we connect the dots between farming and cars, yes, the zero emissions electric vehicle booth belongs at the farmers market.

Because it’s all connected. And we’re all connected.


 That’s me at the farmers market with Martin, the LEAF-driving salesman, and Richard the LEAF-driving manager of the Autobarn.  They believe in the car, and they love the car. As do I.



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