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The SilverLEAF Would’ve Made Friends in CA: The SilverLEAF Chronicles 8

Contributed by Dr. Sarah

Our SilverLEAF would’ve been right at home among all the Priuses and all-electric Teslas and NissanLEAFs in charming Ohai, CA. But alas, our the SilverLEAF had to stay home while we flew to sunny Southern California for spring break.

My sister recently moved her family from the shores of the Atlantic to the desert of California to take a position at (super-green retailer) Patagonia’s headquarters. So I took the kids to see their cousins.

This was our first chance to see them in their new digs.  And it was my kids’ first trip to CA.


These palm trees in their back yard are amazing to eyes that are habituated to life in the north.

Highlights of our trip included:

  • A cerebral #toocoolforthat thirteen-year-old dude discovering that he actually likes hiking. That he likes anything other than his girlfriend is a bit of a miracle.
  • Finding fossil-rocks that had bunches of fossils all fused together.
  • Seeing a sign on the freeway that announced that there was an electric car charging station at the next exit! (#OnlyInCA)

Perhaps the eleven-year-old DudeSter’s favorite moment: Finding hemp cookies in the grocery store. I don’t want to even imagine what they taste like. (#OnlyinCA)


One of my favorite moments was touring the grounds of my niece’s school, where they have mindfulness classes and eat in this “cafeteria.” Makes me rethink where my kids go to school…


Here’s what happens when an eleven-year-old DudeSter gets hold of your iPhone while you’re driving:

Turns out this photo is only a (well composed!) semi-random pic. This building is home to the designers of one of my son’s favorite games. Other photos taken by my son while I drove: totally random.

One last photo. The view from my niece’s bedroom at dawn on our last day. (Think of the window screen in an artistic light!)



About the emissions we generated by flying instead of driving our zero-emissions SilverLEAF: Sometimes you gotta fly. As Stephen Dubner has said on the Freakanomics podcast, it’s all about trade offs. This is what I call eco reality.

And those emissions from our flight to CA can be offset by purchasing carbon offsets at my favorite source, Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

While we were in CA enjoying the scenery and the camaraderie of so many people “driving green,” Tesla announced it is taking pre-orders for a new model that is priced to compete with the modestly priced NissanLEAF. The SilverLEAF may have some competition for my heart. Stay tuned!


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