Our NissanLEAF has been “tested.” So have we. The SilverLEAF Chronicles 9

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Contributed by Dr. Sarah

The SilverLEAF got tested. As did I. As did my kids.

We were displaced from our home for 3-1/12 months by a neighbor’s construction dust. (Yes. It’s true.)

We have an outlet at home that allows me to charge every night when I get home from work. When you have to evacuate your home, you grab a few things and find a place to stay. Fast.

If you’re me, you don’t necessarily think about where you’re going to charge your all-electric car.

The first hotel we checked into didn’t have any charging stations or outlets available.

About a day in, I realized I had to move us. To a place with a swimming pool (for the kids), and access to a charger for The SilverLEAF.

Thankfully, I found a hotel that offered overnight parking in a lot with a charging station. Problem solved.

If the parking lot with charging stations hadn’t been an option, I would’ve had to rent a car. Which have been an additional expense, but would still have been cheaper than owning and operating a gas-fueled car year round. Glad I didn’t have to go the costlier, polluting rental car route…

While in the hotel, we did our best to live green.  IMG_6819-1

We recycled. We didn’t use paper plates or plastic-ware– where is that photo of the pile of dishes I had drying in the bathroom?? We declined to have our sheets and towels changed for as long as possible–there is an outer limit when you’re in cramped quarters with two tween boys.

After three weeks of expensive hotel bills, we moved into an apartment close to our permanent home. This solved the problem of unsustainably high living expenses. It also got my kids out of a cramped hotel room, a way of living that rubbed their nerves raw. It was especially hard on my struggling, introverted 13 year-old. And it solved the problem of being able to charge the car–I could park at home and charge overnight as usual.

After 3-1/2 long months of displacement, sharing a bathroom with two messy boys, and day-to-day creative problem-solving, we finally got back to our permanent home. Our patience and resilience was tested.  My empathy has grown for the many refugees from natural disasters and political unrest. We had it easy by comparison. But it wasn’t easy. Phew. Onward.



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