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As a practicing psychologist and addictions expert, Dr. Sarah Warren understands our addiction to oil and how to go into “recovery.”  She appreciates what it takes to move from denial to awareness into action.  She knows what’s needed to create individual and collective transformation. She knows that change is difficult, but also necessary, possible and rewarding.

As a mother and psychologist, she helps answer the question, “What can I do to make a real difference to protect the planet for  my children?” She also answers the question, “What’s in it for me?”

She’s all about going green and getting happy, and doing the right thing by our children.

As an author, speaker, coach and consultant, Dr. Sarah serves as an ambassador of green and a catalyst — focused particularly on helping us all mobilize to tackle our addicion to oil for the sake of our children.  Dr. Sarah believes that lifestyle changes are necessary but far from sufficient. She knows that we need technology advances– which we need to understand and fund. She also believes that large scale corporate and policy changes are essential. She empowers people to use their voices to bring about the policy changes we so urgently need.

Her book Fierce Love: How One Mother Reinvented Herself by Saving the Planet… and you can too (forthcoming) serves as an inspiration to others to find meaning and purpose through involvment with a cause– including the cause of protecting the planet. Learn more and download chapters of Fierce Love:
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In addition to her online presence and articles, she offers one-on-one and group telecoaching services,  in person private consultation, as well as public speaking. She also founded and moderates the Spheres of Influence. She continues to enjoy her practice in psychology.
The daughter of an MIT researcher who was in on the ground floor of artificial intelligence, Dr. Sarah Warren focuses on analyzing the big picture and delivering highly effective messages about our climate crisis. With a brother who has been writing about business and the environment for 25 years and is one of the foremost advocates on acid oceans —global warming’s “evil twin–” and a sister who is a regional manager at Patagonia, a pioneer among environmentally responsible companies, Dr. Sarah comes naturally by her commitment to inspiring informed eco-action.

A divorced mother of two, Dr. Sarah became an “unlikely environmentalist” when she realized that our ailing, depleted planet posed a threat to her children’s health and well being.  She founded Spheres of Influence to help us all save this planet for our children– for tomorrow’s children.  Motivated by fierce love, she is on a mission to motivate people to green their lifestyles, businesses and careers, and to overhaul our policies. She believes we all need to do all that we can to help our planet in crisis– and use our spheres of influence.  Because we have exactly enough time — starting now!

You’ll find fulfillment when you have a powerful purpose that is in alignment with your values, and you can derive enormous peace of mind when embrace “enoughness” and join with others who share your commitment.A nationally renowned addictions expert, she has published in professional journals, been featured in the Chicago Tribune on career transition coaching, and appeared on the daytime talk show Leeza on the topic of addictions as well as on The Mike Nowak Show (WCPT820) on the topic of our addiction to oil. She earned her doctorate in psychology at Northwestern University, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at University of Chicago.  She launched and oversaw the Alcohol and Drug Prevention Program at University of Chicago– and brings to bear her expertise in human behavior and addiction to the planetary crisis.

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