Green 101

Green 101: The Basics of Going Green: Dr. Sarah’s Checklist

Green your life step by step. It’s easier than you think!

Check off as you go through the different actions in the different spheres of influence of your life. You may start at home– but expanding out is really powerful and transformative!

The single most important thing you can do is use your voice— if you do nothing else– speak out and spread the word. And it’s free– and rewarding!

Scroll down to identify your Spheres of Influence and go green within those spheres, big or small!

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Use your your voice Talk to your neighbors, coworkers, elected officials, friends and family! It’s at the top of the list for a reason!

Save energy    

  •   Change light bulbs to compact fluorescents
  •   Unplug — kids love this!
  •   Weatherize your home- seal up leaky window!
  •   Buy Energy Star Appliances

The 4 Rs- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Restore

  • Reduce: Buy less-waste less-save money!
  • Reuse: Be creative! Find new homes and purposes!
  • Recycle the rest!
  • Restore!  Plant trees, start an organic garden at school– reap what you sow! Feed your soul!

Getting around

  • Drive less—walk, bike or take public transit when you can
  • Buy the greenest car that meets your needs
  • Offset what you can’t eliminate! Dr. Sarah uses Bonneville Environmental Foundation ( to support green energy projects the reduce the amount of emissions in the air
  • Buy the greenest car that meets your needs

Conserve water (which saves energy!)

  • Take shorter showers
  • Install low-flow toilets and shower heads
  • Use a water efficient dishwasher

Eat less meat! Yes– About 20% of our direct and indirect energy use comes from the meat and dairy we eat! Better for your heart and waistline, too!

Use your voice! Speak out, call your elected officials, talk to friends and family. This is empowering and rewarding and is the highest impact thing you can do!  There’s a reason why Dr. Sarah repeats this message!

Use Your Spheres of Influence!

Now, if you’ve mastered– or started on!– a green lifestyle, you can move on to expanding your influence still further.

Look at all the areas in which you have influence as a member of the growing movement of unlikely environmentalists!

Tap into your spheres of influence, big and small:

Voting– Becoming an informed, engaged voter is the most powerful thing you can do! Write a letter, make a phone call!

Investing– Think about your IRA, your mutual funds. What do they support?

Raising Children– Living in a way that conveys respect for the natural world is the place to start. And there lots of potential for family fun!

Organizational affiliationsWhat organizations do you belong to? Find your allies!

Shopping- Buy less, support eco-reponsible companies, think about where things come from and what’s in the products. We can’t shop our way out of the planetary crisis, but we can shop our values.

Career/Office- You can influence your office’s practices, and you can green your career!

Renovate/Build Green– Retrofitting what you’re got is usually more environmentally responsible than building new.

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