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Dr. Sarah Warren offers a variety of expert  services related to protecting out planet, from coaching to public speaking to consulting on communications and change processes.  As a psychologist, her emphasis is on the personal and social transformational rewards of going green.

All of her services center around motivation and change– the “people part” of inhabiting the planet respectfully so that our children and our economy can thrive.

Dr. Warren is both an effective communicator and communications expert. As one of the Top Twitterers in Chicago, Dr. Warren has also applied her knowledge of human behavior to social media, and offers her expertise in effective use of social media to influence opinions and action.

Motivational Speaking

Dr. Warren’s speaking includes motivational speaking on  topics such as:

  • Addiction to Oil & the Path to Recovery
  • The Rewards of Going Green: Enhancing Employee Engagement through Sustainability
  • Go Green, Get Happy: The Rewards of Going Green
  • The Process of Change: How We Move– or Don’t– from Awareness to Action
  • Fierce Love: Love & Responsibility as Drivers of Green Action
  • The Unlikely Environmentalists: Tales from a Growing Movement

To inquire about Dr. Warren’s speaking services, please call (312) 595-1691 or email DrSarah@ourspheresofinfluence.com. Phone is strongly preferred as email inquiries can get lost in spam.

Influential Communications Consulting

Dr. Warren brings to bear her psychological expertise in motivation to assist clients in delivering effective communications about challenging and complex subjects such as climate change and sustainability initiatives.

She helps clients figure both what to say, and how to communicate that message in the most influential way.

As one of the Top Twitter users in Chicago, which is the third most active Twitter city in the world, Dr. Warren offers her psychological wisdom about the use of social media to influence opinion and action.

To inquire, please call (312) 595-1691 or email DrSarah@ourspheresofinfluence.com. Phone is strongly preferred as email inquiries can get lost in spam.

Coaching Services

Dr. Warren is a seasoned professional coach with substantial expertise in the complexities of human behavior change and motivation.

Coaching helps can be especially helpful when we’re not clear on our course of action, and when we are having trouble converting our intentions into action.

Dr. Warren coaches clients in person and via phone. She offers one-on-one coaching, teleseminar coaching programs, and retreats.

  • Mission and Cause Coaching

Dr. Sarah really enjoys working with people who want to find their mission in life, whether in retirement, in their work lives, or in their volunteer work.

Dr. Sarah has witnessed with her clients- and experienced in her own life– the transformational rewards of finding a purpose. Her cause is protecting the planet. Yours may be different. She will help you find your purpose.

  • Career Transition Coaching

Dr. Sarah Warren specializes in helping people find new meaning in their professional lives by defining new career paths, including green career transitions and greening your current career. She has worked with clients in wide range of sectors from non-profit leadership to finance.

  • Eco-Action & Spheres of Influence Coaching

Dr. Sarah works with people to identify courses of action, make commitments, and overcome obstacles to going green.

  • Eco-Coaching for Individuals
  • Eco-Coaching for Couples and Families
  • Eco-Coaching for Parents
  • Eco-Coaching for Small Business
  • Leadership Coaching for Sustainability & Global Citizenshiup

Leading organizations in a time of massive change is challenging.

Dr. Sarah Warren coaches leaders through uncertainty and change.

She helps leaders with develop and implement a vision of how to not just be leaders in global citizenship, but cultivating a new kind of leader within the organization and the business community.

Dr. Warren believes that there is room for many Ray Andersons and Yvon Chouinards in the business community!

To inquire, please call (312) 595-1691 or email DrSarah@ourspheresofinfluence.com. Phone is strongly preferred as email inquiries can get lost in spam.


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