Career REINVENT Coaching

Do you want to find a new career that will offer you greater purpose and meaning?

Dr. Sarah believes that work can be not only a source of income but an invaluable source of identity and personal reward. She specializes in helping people express their values in their work in their “second act.”

Dr. Sarah’s career REINVENT model entails looking inward first at a client’s values, interests and relationship to work, then looking outward at the opportunities available in the world of work.

She draws as a psychologist on her professional expertise in change as well as on her personal experience of transformation as she reinvented her career. Not only does she offer wisdom from decades of professional experience, she has lived the process and reaped the rewards of reinventing herself.

Read Dr. Sarah’s white paper on Coaching: Coaching Toward Resilience

She works with:

  • Professionals and executives who’ve paid their dues and want a more meaningful second career
  • Professional athletes who want to remake themselves after their pro careers wrap up
  • Mothers re-entering the workforce
  • Retirees who are ready to retire

Dr. Sarah has worked with successful artists, entrepreneurs, attorneys, IT and finance executives as well as professional athletes.

She has also worked with mothers who want to explore new career opportunities after a divorce or raising children.

Career assessment is available for clients who want to formally assess their skills, competencies and interests and work style.

Career REINVENT coaching is available one-to-one on a face-to-face and virtual basis.

To inquire about REINVENT coaching services please call (847) 570-3947 or (312) 595-1691.

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