Sustainability Leadership Programs and Circles

Are you a leader in the field of sustainability who is eager for the opportunity for high level dialogue with other sustainability leaders?

Women’s Sustainability LEADERSHIP CIRCLE launches July 17th, 2013.

Details and registration here:

Membership is limited to 7.

You are invited to join fellow women leaders for a monthly dialogue on topics ranging from work-life balance to best practices for stakeholder engagement.


In the Fall of 2013 Dr. Sarah is launching a monthly virtual Higher Education Sustainability LEADERSHIP CIRCLE.  This leadership circle will afford the opportunity to share best practices and engage with special guests who are thought leaders and experts.  Registration details here:

Since 2008 Dr. Sarah has been convening and moderating live and virtual conversations with sustainability professionals from across the US with a mission of promoting visionary leadership to protect the planet for future generations. She brings to bear her decades of experience as an expert in behavioral and cultural change to “the people part of sustainability.”

She has convened roundtables with sustainability leaders in higher education at universities such as University of Chicago, University of Michigan, Duke, MIT and Yale on an array of topics including creating culture change, enlisting stakeholders, and strategic planning for sustainability.

She has featured women thought leaders such as

In the Fall of 2013 and Winter of 2014 Dr. Sarah will host a series of virtual fireside chats with women leaders in sustainability entitled Women Lead Sustain.  

Speakers include:

Jill Dumain, Director of Environmental Strategy at Patagonia  (invited)

Andrea Learned, author of Don’t Think Pink (confirmed)

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